‚Natural Time‘ review by Christian Bakonyi in Concerto 4/2016, Austria

original article by Christian Bakonyi in Concerto 4/2016, Austria
Jazz Austria – Muriel Grossmann – Natural Time

Concerto 2016
Natural Time DR 08 CD 2016                 The Austrian saxophonist Muriel Grossmann, who is living on Ibiza, has again brought out with „Natural Time“, as well as with the albums before a timelessly beautiful, intense Album, inspired by Coltrane’s Sound. With guitarist Radomir Milojkovich Muriel Grossmann has a longstanding companion at her side and he knows to use the sound of his guitars to accomplish the band extremely well in addition to the fantastic, bassist Gina Schwarz and drummer Uros Stamenkovic, this time responsible for the rhythm.

                Soli without idlers or plates quotations are the spice of this great audio medium. The title track, which maintains the rhythm from the first until the last minute, about ten minutes but it could also go twenty minutes, so happily one allowes himself to fall into this meditative music. Instead, there are still seven other tracks that never diminish the attention and bring musical influences from Africa and India, for example. Albums with this certain jazz spirituality have become rare, the more important that with the saxophonist Muriel Grossmann someone is there, to not let us forget this spirituality. (Bak) Christian Bakonyi, Concerto, Aug/Sept 2016

© & (p) 2016 Dreamlandrecords
7 tks / 63 mins
Muriel Grossmann – as and ss, Radomir Milojkovic – g, Gina Schwarz – b, Uros Stamenkovic – dr