Muri­el Grossmann
saxo­pho­ne, composer

Aus­tri­an alto, sopra­no, tenor saxo­pho­nist and com­po­ser Muri­el Gross­mann was born in Paris and grew up in Vien­na, whe­re she initia­ted clas­si­cal stu­dies of flu­te at the age of five until twen­ty-one, when she swit­ched to alto and sopra­no saxo­pho­ne and star­ted 
play­ing and tou­ring with various rhythm & blues, funk, world music and jazz groups and artists such as Hans Tschi­ritsch, Shani Ben Canar, Chris­toph Kurz­mann, Geri Schul­ler, Pete Hoven, Robert Rehak, The Ori­gi­nal Brothers.

In 2002 she moved to Bar­ce­lo­na whe­re she star­ted to lead her own bands for record­ings and con­certs. Muri­el Gross­mann is resi­dent in Ibi­za sin­ce 2004, which marks a very fruit­ful record­ing and per­forming period.

Muri­el Gross­mann play­ed and recor­ded with Joa­chim Kuehn, Wolf­gang Rei­sin­ger, Rolf Kuehn, Mar­tin Klin­ge­berg, Tho­mas Hei­de­priem, Mark Vin­ci, Mol­ly Dun­can, Joe San­ders, Ali­ce Zawadzki, Ali­na Bzhez­hin­s­ka, Toni Kofi, Chris­ti­an Lil­lin­ger, Johan­nes Fink, Robert Land­fer­mann, Este­ve Pi, Abel Boque­ra, Eli­as Mei­ri and Muri­el Gross­mann Bar­ce­lo­na Quar­tet fea­turing Rado­mir Milo­ko­vic on gui­tar, David Mar­ro­quin on upright and Mar­ko Jela­ca on drums, record­ing and per­forming ori­gi­nal compositions.

Gross­mann play­ed in Spain, Fran­ce, Bel­gi­um, Aus­tria, Ger­ma­ny, Hol­land, Ire­land, Greece, Eng­land, Moroc­co, South Afri­ca, Poland, Slo­ve­nia, Slo­va­kia, Hun­ga­ry, Ita­ly, Fin­land, Esto­nia, Den­mark per­forming over 150 con­certs a year.

2011–2014 Muri­el Gross­mann was per­forming and record­ing with quar­tet fea­turing Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic (Bel­gra­de) on gui­tar, Robert Land­fer­mann (Colo­gne) on upright bass and Chris­ti­an Lil­lin­ger (Ber­lin) on drums.

Sin­ce 2014 she is working with Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic (Bel­gra­de) on gui­tar, Gina Schwarz (Vien­na) on dou­ble bass and Uros Sta­men­ko­vic (Bel­gra­de) on drums.
In 2018  Llo­renç Bar­ce­lo  (Mal­lor­ca) on ham­mond joi­ned her group. He has been tou­ring with the Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet till 2022, record­ing Ham­mond B3 on the albums Rever­ence, Quiet Earth, Uni­on and Uni­ver­sal Code.
Sin­ce 2022 Abel Boque­ra (Bar­ce­lo­na) is play­ing Ham­mond B3 in the Muri­el Gross­mann Quartet.


Home­co­m­ing Reuni­on (2007)  CD  DreamlandRecords
Here And Now (2008)  CD  DreamlandRecords

Quar­tet (2008)   CD  DreamlandRecords
Sud­den Impact (2009)   CD  DreamlandRecords
Birth Of The Mys­te­ry (2010)  CD  DreamlandRecords
For Ornet­te (2012) release  TBC
Awa­ke­n­ing (2013)   CD  DreamlandRecords
Earth Tones (2015)   CD  DreamlandRecords
Hea­ven On Earth  release  TBC
Natu­ral Time
(2016)  CD  DreamlandRecords
Momen­tum (2017)  CD  DreamlandRecords
Gol­den Rule  (2018)  CD  Dream­land­Re­cords   2x12” VINYL RR Gems Records
Gol­den Rule / Okan Ti Aye (Radio Edits)  (2019)7″ VINYL JAZZ45, Jazz­man Records
Rever­ence  (2019)  CD  Dream­land­Re­cords 2x12” VINYL RR Gems Records
Gol­den Rule EDITION 2#  (2020)2x12” VINYL RR Gems Records
Live at the Art House  release  TBC
Ele­va­ti­on (2020) 12″ VINYL / CD Jazz­man Records 
Rever­ence  (2020)HHV Excl. Trans­pa­rent Red (limi­ted to 200)2x12” VINYL RR Gems Records

Quiet Earth (2020)  CD  Dream­land­Re­cords  12″ VINYL RR Gems Records
Uni­on (2021) CD  Dream­land­Re­cords 12″ VINYL RR Gems Records
Natu­ral Time (2016/2021) CD,  2x12” VINYL Dream­land­re­cords, dis­tri­bu­t­ed by RR Gems Records
Uni­ver­sal Code (2022) CD Dream­land­re­cords, 2 x 12″ VINYL RR Gems Records (release in 9/06 June 2023)
Birth Of The Mys­te­ry (2010/2023) limi­ted to 300 ex,  12″ VINYL RR Pas­se­ri­ne Records
Muri­el Gross­mann plays Miles 7″ Third man Record (part of sub­scrip­ti­on packa­ge April 2023)
Devo­ti­on (1st Dec 2023) CD & 2x12″ VINYL Third man Records