–>  fotos  and review of Peter Pur­ger from STOCKWERK GRAZ, 27th of March 2019

–>  favo­ri­te record album cover fea­ture in Joe Maita’s Jer­ry Jazz Musi­ci­an , March 2019

–>  Por­trait in Jazz­po­di­um by Thors­ten Mey­er, Feb 2019


–>  Review of GOLDEN RULE in THE VINY PRESS by Bill Hart
“… you get the sen­se that this Medi­ter­ra­ne­an island off the coast of Spain, with its sun splas­hed vis­tas of oce­an and moun­tains, its­elf play­ed a role in influ­en­cing the sound and shape of Muri­el Grossman’s work: the­re is gre­at beau­ty here, and a mix of cul­tu­ral influ­en­ces that, like the island, lend a uni­que feel to the pro­cee­dings …”

–>  Review of GOLDEN RULE in All­Mu­sic gui­de by Thom Jurek
“… Gol­den Rule is Grossmann’s tenth album and it’s deep. This is the third date with her cur­rent quar­tet, … The com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ve intui­ti­on of this group is not only empa­thic, it seems tele­ki­ne­tic in its anti­ci­pa­ti­on, colo­ra­ti­on, and arti­cu­la­ti­on of Grossmann’s inspi­red com­po­si­ti­ons infor­med direc­t­ly by medi­ta­ti­on. …  Gol­den Rule is an 87-minu­te jour­ney; it soot­hes, pro­vo­kes, exhorts, cajo­les, and beck­ons the lis­tener ever deeper into its inner arti­cu­la­ti­ons of peace and tur­bu­lence in Grossmann’s always affir­ma­ti­ve lan­guage that is as pregnant with spi­ri­tu­al mea­ning as it is breath­ta­king sophisti­ca­ti­on.” and Bio­gra­phy in All­Mu­sic gui­de by Thom Jurek

–>  Inter­view with Mar­co Tor­res Wal­ker from Dia­rio de Ibi­za, Jan 2019

–>  UK Vibe hono­r­able men­ti­on of GOLDEN RULE: Nr.1 JAZZ ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2018
” … Having now lis­tened to all 10 albums, we can but feel a sen­se of reli­ef in the bril­li­an­ce unco­ve­r­ed. A name we are going to keep a very clo­se eye on in 2019 …”

–>  15/12/2018  new album  GOLDEN RULE  on CD out !!
with Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic on gui­tar, Gina Schwarz on bass and Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums

–>  19/12/2018 Inter­view with Muri­el Gross­mann: “The mind is not­hing but a gre­at tool to bring our true essence forth” by jazz cri­tic: Simon Sargsyan in JazzBluesNews.Space

–>  28/11/2018 Neon Jazz Inter­view with Muri­el Gross­mann

–>  Review in Chi­ca­go-based Dus­ty Groo­ve record store
“Sea­ring work from saxo­pho­nist Muri­el Gross­mann – a play­er who clear­ly draws a lot of inspi­ra­ti­on from late 60s John Col­tra­ne – but who also turns out a record here that’s com­ple­te­ly her own! … – This is deep stuff – not an easy nod to the spi­ri­tu­al sce­ne, but a much richer record – extre­me­ly well-con­cei­ved and exe­cu­t­ed.” Dus­ty Groo­ve

–>  Hono­ura­ble men­ti­on en UK VIBE ! ‘ GOLDEN RULEALBUM OF THE MONTH DEC 2018’
” Muri­el Grossmann’s Quar­tet evo­ke the true beau­ty, sin­ce­ri­ty and joy of Col­tra­ne, whilst suc­cess­ful­ly musi­cal­ly sin­ging out in their own voice, crea­ting new ide­as with a refres­hing ver­ve and skill. “Gol­den Rule” is qui­te sim­ply an incredi­ble album, inven­ti­ve, full of cha­rac­ter, and to my ears, a musi­cal joy to behold.”  Mike Gates, review for UK Vibe

–>  ‘Gol­den Rule’ review by Andrew Jones in Down­beat, USA  Dec 2018, p 64
“Gol­den Rule con­veys medi­ta­ti­ve tran­qui­li­ty and ecsta­tic joy  …  Gross­mann show­ca­ses her abi­li­ty to get the best of a tune melo­di­cal­ly. She plays a solo so lyri­cal every bar feels like a dis­cre­te com­po­si­ti­on … The dyna­mism of its soloists and the quartet’s tele­ki­ne­tic per­for­mance deli­vers the album’s aim: pro­vi­ding a lis­ten­ing expe­ri­ence akin to trans­cen­dence.” 
Andrew Jones

–>  ‘Gol­den Rule’ review by Leo­nid Aus­kern in Jazz­Quad, Bela­rus, 2018
“Tra­ne, espe­ci­al­ly the late Tra­ne, regar­ded music as a kind of sacred, spi­ri­tu­al act. Fol­lo­wing him, Muri­el Gross­man aspi­res to the same spi­ri­tua­li­ty in her music, and — damn it! — she’s gre­at at it! … I con­si­der her new pro­ject GOLDEN RULE to be the crea­ti­ve pin­na­cle of this talen­ted jazz lady and her stron­gest work up to this date.” Leo­nid Aus­kern

–>  New release   12“Vinyl x 2LP   GOLDEN RULE   by  RR GEMS Records
meet the label: Inter­view
with Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic on gui­tar, Gina Schwarz on bass and Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums

Muriel Grossmann GOLDEN RULE, RRGEMS05

–>  Con­cert: Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet plays …  opens Eivis­sa Jazz 2018, 30 years anni­ver­s­a­ry Fri­day 31st of August, 2018  21h Paseo Vara de Rey , Ibi­za, Illes Balears
with Gina Schwarz on con­tra­bass & Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums
Con­cert review by Juan Anto­nio Ser­ra­no Cer­van­tes in 

–>  ‚Momen­tum‘ review by Marc Sar­ra­zy in Impro­jazz, July 2018
“… by its struc­tu­re inde­ed, its flam­boyant path, its moving chants and the solar flights of the saxo­pho­ne, Momen­tum can be read as a poi­gnant homage to A Love Supre­me … And Momen­tum: a monu­ment of what is cal­led spi­ri­tu­al jazz. ” Marc Sar­ra­zy

–>  15/12/2017 Inter­view with Muri­el Gross­mann: “I have the fee­ling the music comes through us not from us” by jazz cri­tic: Simon Sargsyan in JazzBluesNews.Space 

–>  ‚Momen­tum‘ review by Elliott Simon in New York City Jazz Records, March 2018
” … Gross­mann is clear­ly in con­trol as she uses tenor, alto and sopra­no to lead band and lis­tener on a jour­ney that takes off like a mis­si­le, pas­ses through medi­ta­ti­on, reaches nir­va­na and ends with thanks­gi­ving … ” Elli­ot Simon

–>  ‚Momen­tum‘ review by Masay­u­ki Koi­to in Jazz Maga­zi­ne The Walker’s 2017 Vol. 51, Japan

–>   Hono­r­able Men­ti­on of ‘Momen­tum’ in New York City Jazz Record Maga­zi­ne Dec/2018

–>  ‚Momen­tum‘ review by Chris­ti­an Bakonyi in Con­cer­to Dec/2017,  Aus­tria
” … it offers a won­der­ful jour­ney into the jazz, that was once play­ed by John Col­tra­ne …” Chris­ti­an Bakonyi

–>  15/10/2017   new album   Momen­tum  out !
with Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic on gui­tar, Gina Schwarz on bass and Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums

–>  Pho­tos: Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet plays … in Vien­na

Sunday 15th of Octo­ber, 2017  20h CAFE7STERN, Vien­na
with Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic guit,  Gina Schwarz  b & Uros Sta­men­ko­vic  dr —  sp. guest Andre­as Plank on pia­no

–>  Pho­to expo­si­ti­on of José Luis Luna in the Eivis­sa Town­hall
with fotos of  ‘Eivis­sa Jazz 2013–2016′ 

–>  Con­cert: Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet plays … in Form­en­te­ra
Thurs­day 6th of July, 2017  20.30h CASA DEL POBLE , Form­en­te­ra, Illes Balears
with Gina Schwarz on con­tra­bass & Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums

–>  Pho­tos: Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet plays … in Pal­ma de Mal­lor­ca:
Tues­day 20th of June, 2017  20.30h CASTILLO SON VIDA, Mal­lor­ca, Illes Balears
with Gina Schwarz on con­tra­bass & Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums

–>  Jazz & Music Maga­zi­ne  “The Walker’s”  new issue “2017 Vol.49”
Masay­u­ki Koi­to  invi­ted me to be part of the “3 wis­hes of Jazz Musi­ci­ans”thank you !

–>  New Vide­os from con­cert on PLAZA MAYOR, Pal­ma de Mal­lor­ca, 30/04/17
with Gina Schwarz on con­tra­bass & Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums

–>   Ibi­za Spring Tour - Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet 23 — 25/03/17
with Gina Schwarz on con­tra­bass & Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums

–>   Hono­r­able Men­ti­on of ‘Natu­ral Timein New York City Jazz Record Maga­zi­ne Dec/2017

–>  ‚Natu­ral Time‘ review by Chris­ti­an Bakonyi in Con­cer­to April/2016, Aus­tria
” … has again brought out with “Natu­ral Time”, as well as with the albums befo­re a timel­ess­ly beau­ti­ful, inten­se Album, inspi­red by Coltrane’s Sound. … Albums with this cer­tain jazz spi­ri­tua­li­ty have beco­me rare, the more important that with the saxo­pho­nist Muri­el Gross­mann someo­ne is the­re, to not let us for­get this spi­ri­tua­li­ty. …” Chris­ti­an Bakonyi

–>  Con­cert: Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet plays… in Form­en­te­ra:
Wed­nes­day 27th of July, 2016 CASA DEL POBLE in Form­en­te­ra

–>  Con­cert: Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet plays… at Inge­nio Jazz & Wine Fes­ti­val:
Thurs­day 6th of July, 2016 TERRAZA TEATRO GALILEO in Madrid.

–>  ‘Natu­ral Time’ review by Leo­nid Aus­kern in Jazz­Quad, Bela­rus, 2016
“… and for all this pro­found­nes, this music is sur­pri­sin­gly easy to lis­ten …” Leo­nid Aus­kern

–>   Video from ‘Natu­ral Time’ Pre­sen­ta­ti­on Tour, 2016

–>   Arti­cle of Mihá­ly Czékus in Hang­zás­Világ Maga­zin Hun­ga­ry, Feb/2016

–>   Pho­tos of  
Natu­ral Time’ Pre­sen­ta­ti­on Tour Jan/2016

–>   1/1/2016   out now!   Natu­ral Time  on Cd
with Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic on gui­tar, Gina Schwarz on bass and Uros Sta­men­ko­vic on drums