Review of ‘Universal Code’ by Pippo Kuhzart

Review of Uni­ver­sal Code By Pip­po Kuh­zart (trans­la­ted for german)

The tit­les are enough, then it’s clear whe­re we are: “Uni­ver­sal Code” is the name of the album, “Reso­nance”, “Non-Dua­li­ty” and “Com­pas­si­on” the songs. The first sound from Muri­el Grossmann’s saxo­pho­ne then clears up any pos­si­ble misun­derstan­dings that you could encoun­ter You­tube self-care vibes here, NATURALLY, awa­kens the spi­rit of Col­tra­ne and others who have known how to blow out the purest expan­se from their pipes, to eli­cit worlds from him, to gala­xies, if you will. This is the real deal, the jazz that blows you through once, but blows through your clam­my, anxious mind, lets the lis­tener belie­ve that joy and peace are pos­si­ble, uni­ver­sal even, the kin­da jazz that makes the lis­tener for­get who else has had their dir­ty fin­gers on terms like “com­mu­ni­ty,” spi­ri­tua­li­ty, and all that. This is the real deal. Big stuff, enor­mous, mas­ter­ful, but not serious — it sounds too effort­less for that, too self-evi­dent in its abi­li­ties, real experts know no snob­be­ry, they draw the mas­ses into their won­der­ful extra world whe­re ever­yo­ne can be inclu­ded. The instru­ments throw deli­caci­es at each other, the solos make it impos­si­ble to sit still. This is the real deal. The kind of music that makes you shake your head like “BOY, what just hap­pen­ed???” Pfff­fuuuuuuuuuu«<, goo­se­bumps and con­vul­si­ons, the white man over­whel­med by this groo­ve, this con­nec­tion with (non) things that lie bey­ond his con­trol and his con­structs, he twit­ches and soars to a free­dom in the spi­rit, in the litt­le head, which is dream­li­ke and timeless and then sad­ly has to end as the last track fades away when he then goes back out the­re and fights his litt­le wars, hur­ting hims­elf and others a litt­le bit every day in the mise­ra­ble town he lives in. See Muri­el Gross­mann and die, folks.
Pip­po Kuh­zart, for King Georg

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