Momentum’ review by Masayuki Koito in japanese Jazz & Music Magazine THE WALKER‘S

Review of MOMENTUM — Muri­el Gross­mann in japa­ne­se Jazz & Music Maga­zi­ne THE WALKER‘S 2017 Vol. 51, by Masayu­ki Koito

THe Walkers 2018

In the latest work of Muri­el Gross­mann — Momen­tum, you can feel the power of the Aus­tri­an-born saxo­pho­nist, who relea­ses albums at the pace of one year in the past few years. Each work focu­ses on a cover design full of art sen­se, but this new work also shi­nes with a blue-tone design. The same mem­bers as in her pre­vious work par­ti­ci­pa­ted, and Muri­el this time playes tenor, alto and sopra­no saxo­pho­ne. The album was recor­ded on Ibi­za an island in the wes­tern Medi­ter­ra­ne­an. “Ele­va­ti­on” the ope­ning pie­ce is play­ed with high ener­gy aproach. “Momen­tum” the tit­le pie­ce expres­ses an ecsta­tic part of music. The fema­le upright bass play­er Gina Schwarz playes a gre­at solo on “Chant”. Muriel’s tone on sopra­no saxo­pho­ne is impres­si­ve on “Hori­zon”. The last tune “Gra­ti­tu­de” feels magni­ficent like an orches­tra. The seven songs stand out for the talent for com­po­sing of Muri­el Grossmann.