The best Jazz on Bandcamp, Jann 2024

The best Jazz on Band­camp, Jann 2024

In one breath, Muri­el Gross­mann draws every bit of sere­ni­ty her joy­ful sound has to give, while genera­ting enough inten­si­ty to make it reso­na­te across the bre­adth of the pla­net. With a groo­ve, a growl, or a sigh, the saxophonist’s music radia­tes ever­ything good about life. Some­ti­mes, Gross­mann dips into an old-school, ‘70s psy­che­de­lic rock; other times, she charts a cour­se through modern spi­ri­tu­al jazz—though typi­cal­ly there’s some cross-pol­li­na­ti­on going on some­whe­re along the way. Gui­ta­rist Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic, Ham­mond B3 orga­nist Abel Boque­ra, and drum­mer Uros Sta­men­ko­vic con­tri­bu­te to this won­der­ful record­ing, and Gross­man adds a wealth of per­cus­sion, adding to a dia­lo­gue that is never less than rive­ting. Gross­man has deve­lo­ped some­thing of a cult fol­lowing; Devo­ti­on beha­ves less as evi­dence why and more as a gua­ran­tee to swell the ranks.

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