Muriel Grossmann Quintet

Muri­el Gross­mann
   alto, sopra­no, tenor saxophone

Rado­mir Milo­j­ko­vic   guitar
Llo­rens Bar­ce­lo   hammond

Gina Schwarz   bass
Uros Sta­men­ko­vic   drums

Spi­ri­tu­al Jazz, a power­ful expe­ri­ence, per­for­med by Muri­el Gross­mann Quin­tet.  Music that tou­ches the hearts and souls of the lis­teners. Beau­ti­ful, moving music, that ran­ges from calm and peace­ful pie­ces to ener­ge­tic and vital music.

Muri­el Gross­mann invi­tes Ham­mond play­er Llo­rens Bar­ce­lo from Mal­lor­ca  to par­ti­ci­pa­te in her Pro­ject. The rich­ness of the sound of Llorens’s Ham­mond enri­ches the dro­ne-fil­led atmo­s­phe­re of  Muriel’s music as well as it gives a strong rhyth­mi­cal component.


fotos of Fran­cis­co Miro Moll from SALA ALBERT CAMUS, Menor­ca 27th of Sep. 2019

fotos  and review of Peter Pur­ger from STOCKWERK GRAZ, 27th of March 2019

Rever­ence  2x12” Vinyl RRGEMS07, Dec 2019 & DR 11 CD, Dec 2019