About this Album — Here and Now


                 Com­po­sed, con­duc­ted and pro­du­ced by Muri­el Gross­mann. Secret under­stan­ding bet­ween the musi­ci­ans makes the music of this cd, the music of here and now. Tho­mas D. H. Fos­ter


            …the superb album ‘Here and Now’, a record­ing with the drum­mer Uno P.; gent­le and ener­ge­tic at the same time; beau­ti­ful; Xicu Lluy, Spain, 2008

               …recor­ded an inte­res­ting ‘Here and Now’ (Dream­land­re­cords DR 02 CD) in duet with the ico­no­clastic drum­mer Uno P.; Marc Sar­ra­zy, Impro Jazz Maga­zi­ne, Fran­ce, 2010