Radomir Milojkovic – guitar

Radomir Milojkovic (Belgrade)

Radomir Milojkovic (born 1979 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia) started guitar at the age of fourteen. He played in various blues, funk and rock groups as an active member of the Belgrade music scene from 1996 to 2001. In 2002 he continued his studies in music at the prestigious „Conservatorio del Liceu“ in Barcelona, Spain. 

During and after the studies he made concerts and recordings in Spain, Holland, Germany, Austria with such artists as Muriel Grossmann, Wolfgang Reisinger, Christian Lillinger, Robert Landfermann, Johannes Fink, Joachim Kühn and many others.

Since 2007 Radomir Milojkovic lives and works in Ibiza and collaborated in Muriel Grossmann / Radomir MIlojkovic, Muriel Grossmann Quartet, Muriel Grossmann Trio, Muriel Grossmann Standard Quartet, Muriel Grossmann Band and Grossmann / Milojkovic / Landfermann / Lillinger.