Marko Jelača — drums

Mar­ko Jelača (Ex-Yugo­s­la­via)

             Mar­ko was born in 1978 in Ruma, Ser­bia, ex-Yugo­s­la­via. His musi­cal pur­su­it began at the age of 13 by enrol­ling in clas­si­cal per­cus­sion stu­dies. In the years to come he dis­co­ve­r­ed hand per­cus­sion and star­ted moving towards modern music and jazz. At the age of 19 he moved to Bel­gra­de and began play­ing in a varie­ty of bands of diver­se styles, such as Blues, Jazz, Funk, Latin-Jazz and wes­tern Afri­can music, which reflec­ted in over 600 shows with a Bel­gra­de based West Afri­can group named So Sabi.

             At the time he star­ted to stu­dy Jazz at the Stan­ko­vic Music School in Bel­gra­de and par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a Ser­bi­an Youth Big Band as the drum­mer, inter­pre­ting a wide reper­toire from Ben­ny Good­man and Glenn Mil­ler to Count Basie, Duke Elling­ton to Quin­cy Jones and Sam­my Nes­ti­co as well as con­tem­pora­ry com­po­sers based in Ser­bia, like Ivan Ilic and Mar­ko Djordje­vic.

              In 2005 he moved to Bar­ce­lo­na and began his stu­dies at the pres­ti­gious Liceu Con­ser­va­to­ry in the depart­ment for Jazz and modern music and gra­dua­ted with honors in 2009. During that time he inves­ti­ga­ted his orig­ins in the band Los Mous­sa­kis, play­ing tra­di­tio­nal folk­lo­ric music from the Bal­kan, rich in amal­gam rhythms.

        In 2007 his path crossed with Aus­tri­an saxo­pho­ne play­er, Muri­el Gross­mann, whe­re he dis­co­ve­r­ed a new approach to music, going from con­tem­pora­ry Jazz to Avant-guard to free Jazz, record­ing 3 albums and having nume­rous per­for­man­ces. In 2008 the Muri­el Gross­mann Quar­tet sha­red the sta­ge with one of the gre­ats of jazz, Joa­chim Kuehn, which enri­ched his way in approa­ching music.

               Nowa­days he still resi­des in Bar­ce­lo­na taking part in many dif­fe­rent musi­cal pro­jects, such as: Los Mous­sa­kis, Bal­kan Colors (duo with Dušan Jev­to­vić, Ser­bi­an and Mace­do­ni­an folk­lo­ric music), Gok­han Surer Quar­tet (Ana­to­li­an psy­che­de­lic pro­gres­si­ve fusi­on), RCJ (free impro trio), Adry Fer­nan­dez P.U.N.K, Shungo (afro-equa­to­ri­al fusi­on) among others. He is an active par­ti­ci­pant in Barcelona’s gro­wing free impro­vi­sa­ti­on sce­ne, sharing the sta­ge with some of the best musi­ci­ans in Euro­pe.

           He also sha­res his know­ledge through giving pri­va­te drum les­sons and plans on making a work­shop duo with a gre­at Bar­ce­lo­na drum­mer Vasco Tril­la on sub­jects such as com­plex and amal­gam rhythms and the art of free impro­vi­sa­ti­on, with the goal of expan­ding our musi­cal expres­si­on abi­li­ties.