About this Album – Quartet


              Composition and its performance can have an organic relationship, a balance between written and improvised. Muriel Grossmann’s wide compositional and performing talents reflect in four voice pieces like Diversity and Quintessence, suite-like pieces like Fluegel and Echo or brisk and energetic compositions like Andrew. The quartet, composed of Radomir Milojkovic on guitar, David Marroquin on upright bass and Marko Jelaca on drums, have become a sound lab – a group, where compositional ideas can be worked out, developed and eventually recorded.

                Austrian alto and soprano saxophonist and composer Muriel Grossmann states that her music started to move beyond harmony – melodies themselves became more independent and strengthens the idea of improvising phrases and not clichés. Grossmann weaves lines with phrases from the theme; she spins developments from new motives with hard driving rhythmic figures, which makes interpretation an exiting and kicking experience.

                Muriel Grossmann’s music is complex, calling for a similar depth of emotional response from the listener, but at the same time the music is highly swinging, to move the body as well as the spirit. This music provides the proof of her singular force of emotions and musical imagination. Although Grossmann’s music strongly reflects her own temperament, it is nonetheless sufficiently open to allow other individualists to be themselves within it. Muriel Grossmann as a saxophonist and composer is building a very personal, substantial style and body of work. There is a real motivation in Grossmann’s music and a desire to keep finding out who she is and to make her music out of that deepening knowledge. from the original liner notes of J.L.Thompson


             …Enigmatic compositions in the hands of a luxury saxophonist.
Marti Farré, Jac Magazine Barcelona, February/March 2009.