Muriel Grossmann Quartet


Muriel Grossmann   alto, soprano, tenor saxophone
Radomir Milojkovic   guitar
Gina Schwarz   bass
Uros Stamenkovic   drums

Spiritual Jazz, a powerful experience, performed by Muriel Grossmann Quartet. Music that touches the hearts and souls of the listeners. Beautiful, moving music, that ranges from calm and peaceful pieces to energetic and vital music.

Muriel Grossmann’s saxophone and compositions are taking the listeners to a true musical voyage, expanding their imagination with the universal sound of love. This music is spreading good vibrations and always takes a positive and optimistic view. The engaging and powerful music, that make Muriel Grossmann live shows, is an irresistible affair, music that challenges the senses and than rewards them, both magical and intense. It’s impossible to determine what grasps the ear first, effervescent saxophone playing or the delightful swagger of her compositions or the sound of the music being performed, all in all it is a music making of the highest caliber.

Muriel Grossmann’s commanding presence at the saxophone makes you hear all the color and expression from delicate to thunderous, with the vision of the future and knowledge of the past she continues to push limits, explore boundaries and innovate. Muriel Grossmann showcases a myriad of talents, shaping the music in rich layers of drones, each of these soul-baring compositions are a revelatory tale with fresh emotional insights and a spirited adventurous edge.
Thomas D. H. Foster

DR 09 CD, 2017
Natural Time
 DR 08 CD, 2016