Muriel Grossmann / Wolfgang Reisinger

Muri­el Gross­mann   alto, sopra­no, tenor saxophone
Wolf­gang Rei­sin­ger   drums

Over the years Muri­el Gross­mann And Wolf­gang Rei­sin­ger have per­for­med and recor­ded con­ti­nuous­ly in duo, trio and quar­tet for­mats both in jazz clubs and jazz fes­ti­vals. Syn­er­gy was evi­dent from their first per­for­mance tog­e­ther back in 2008.

Music crea­ted by Muri­el Gross­mann and Wolf­gang Rei­sin­ger ran­ges from con­ver­sa­tio­nal, spa­cious, explo­ra­to­ry, abs­tract, dyna­mic and abundant crea­ting intri­ca­te sonic epi­so­des. Some of the­se fer­ti­le ima­gi­na­ti­on and other­world­ly sounds are strict­ly in the moment, while others are part of care­ful­ly pre­pa­red com­po­si­ti­ons. Each lis­tens to the other, respon­ding with sup­por­ti­ve sub­t­le­ty and tact fort the lar­ger good.
Tho­mas D. H. Foster