Muriel Grossmann Standard Quartet

Muriel Grossmann   alto, soprano, tenor saxophone, voc
Radomir Milojkovic   guitar
David Marroquin  double bass
Uros Stamenkovic   drums

 The Muriel Grossmann Quartet composed of Austrian soprano, alto, tenor saxophonist and vocalist Muriel Grossmann, accompanied by guitarist Radomir Milojkovic, bassist David Marroquín and drummer Uros Stamenkovic swings with ease at any tempo, performing all time jazz classics, blending ballads, medium and up-tempo show-tunes, bossa-nova and Latin creating the irresistible cocktail; Perfect music for all kind of situations, from special events to jazz festival, from unforgettable dancing evenings to powerful listening experience.

Muriel Grossmann’s singing and playing has vigor and uniqueness, which draws upon a wide palette of stiles. Radomir Milojkovic is accompanying with sophisticated sensibility for high-level performance, bassist David Marroquín makes every note count, while drummer Uros Stamenkovic keeps everybody in the pocket groove. The result is a warm coupling of a rich and relaxed music, phenomenon ready to be shared with all who love good swinging music of the highest caliber.
Thomas D. H. Foster