Chema Pellico – bass

Chema Pellico (Spain)

José María Romero Pellico „Chema“ was born in Cuenca in May 1946. This self-taught musician began his musical career in Madrid at the time when the British influence was introduced into Spain. He was founder of rock bands of the 70s, such as „Cerebrum“ (two albums) and „Blue Bar“ with guitarist Salvador Dominguez. 

He later moved to Ibiza, where he joined the group „Ibiza Sound“, an experimental trio of the 70’s, with which they recorded an album. In later years he was involved in various musical groups and projects, which opened his musical vocabulary to the most varied styles. 

In the 90’s he was called to the studios of Paco Fernández, famed guitarist who lives in San Antonio (Ibiza), with whom he participated in several recordings, like „Navigator“ from DJ José Padilla (Café del Mar) and Paco Fernández projects like „Atman“, „Sal y Sol“ and „Jente del Sol“, also touring in Europe. 

After various experiences as bassist in the jazz circuits of the Island, Chema decided to dedicate time to the double bass and began studies at conservatory Can Ventosa with the prestigious Raimond de Andrés. 

At the beginning of 2000 he became part of Joachim Kühn Iberia Trio, and recorded a live album. Chema Pellico lives and works in Ibiza, as an active member of various groups.