Chema Pellico — bass

Che­ma Pel­li­co (Spain)

José María Rome­ro Pel­li­co “Che­ma” was born in Cuen­ca in May 1946. This self-taught musi­ci­an began his musi­cal care­er in Madrid at the time when the Bri­tish influ­ence was intro­du­ced into Spain. He was foun­der of rock bands of the 70s, such as “Cere­brum” (two albums) and “Blue Bar” with gui­ta­rist Sal­va­dor Dom­in­guez. 

He later moved to Ibi­za, whe­re he joi­ned the group “Ibi­za Sound”, an expe­ri­men­tal trio of the 70’s, with which they recor­ded an album. In later years he was invol­ved in various musi­cal groups and pro­jects, which ope­ned his musi­cal voca­bu­la­ry to the most varied styles. 

In the 90’s he was cal­led to the stu­di­os of Paco Fernán­dez, famed gui­ta­rist who lives in San Anto­nio (Ibi­za), with whom he par­ti­ci­pa­ted in several record­ings, like “Navi­ga­tor” from DJ José Padil­la (Café del Mar) and Paco Fernán­dez pro­jects like “Atman”, “Sal y Sol” and “Jen­te del Sol”, also tou­ring in Euro­pe. 

After various expe­ri­en­ces as bas­sist in the jazz cir­cuits of the Island, Che­ma deci­ded to dedi­ca­te time to the dou­ble bass and began stu­dies at con­ser­va­to­ry Can Vento­sa with the pres­ti­gious Rai­mond de Andrés. 

At the begin­ning of 2000 he beca­me part of Joa­chim Kühn Ibe­ria Trio, and recor­ded a live album. Che­ma Pel­li­co lives and works in Ibi­za, as an active mem­ber of various groups.